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The Alumni Connection is for alumni—or current members—of any Transforming Community.

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Join the next Transforming Community and stay in the quarterly retreat rhythm —

Alumni Application
Because we love reconnecting with you on retreat we reserve a certain number of spaces for alumni. Depending on the applications received we may not always able to accept everyone who applies.

Attend as a guest on a single retreat

Alumni Rate of $600 or $650 ($100 discount).
Single Retreat Form
Please indicate that you are an alumnus on the form to receive discount.

Do you want to invite someone to apply for Transforming Community?

Volunteer in our office

Email Tina L. Harris, our Cultivator of Community and Connection, to see if there are any needs.

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Join us as part of the Ministry Community in the next Transforming Community

Ministry Community Rate $249/month for 27 months ($100/month discount)

Ministry Community Application

Join other Alumni...

Connect through the Directory

This directory is intended to facilitate connections among alumni for those wishing to search for, connect with, and be found by others. It is password-protected and only available to alumni.
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Join the directory

If you lost your password to access the directory, contact Dalene.

Give through Sponsorship

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Meet a Need in the Community

Join our financial needs list and receive occasional updates on the financial needs of those longing either to be in or stay in a community despite the financial realities they are facing.

We have applicants who live, work and serve in communities that do not have the resources set aside for the long term spiritual formation experience that we offer. Additionally, we have people already in a Transforming Community who might experience financial hardship during the 2 year experience.

In either case, there exists a group of alumni who like to be made aware of these needs and often find great joy in meeting them!

Being a part of this does not obligate you in any way to give.

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