We have raised the funds to complete the filming —
thanks be to God and our community!

There is more to come and this page will continue to be a place to find updates about the next steps and how to continue to support us in this season. These new Transforming Resources and events will steward impactful teachings, increase the reach of our ministry and further empower our alumni. Last year was about filming, this year will be creating and launching the first pieces of our digital library — you won't want to miss it! 

Remember where we started and why...

This digital capture project is our response to requests we’ve received over the years from around the world to make the Transforming Community content more accessible for leaders and their communities to experience these sacred rhythms and teachings.


If we've learned anything in the past two years, it's that uncertainty is inevitable, and it takes discernment to know how we are called to respond. We are seeking to be wise about how we spend our time and resources in this new season. A digital offering like this is resistant to circumstances like pandemics and recessions and therefore feels like a prudent investment in preserving and stewarding such a transformational offering.


The impact of the Transforming Center far exceeds the size of our organization, and our capacity is limited. This kind of offering carries with it the exciting ability to scale our ministry further than previously possible. By capturing the Transforming Community experience in digital format, we have the opportunity to provide regional community experiences and additional digital resources to a broader audience including lesser resourced and international communities.


An offering like this supports Transforming Community alumni to guide others by offering unprecedented access to a wide variety of content in an equally wide variety of formats. This will be a dynamic resource they can bring back to their communities.

We've wrapped filming — what's next?!

Now that we have captured the content of the Transforming Community experience, it's time to work our production company to clean up the footage and begin to weave in the creative and artistic elements that will support the teachings and invite a meaningful engagement with a digital resource.

Here are the elements we are bringing together...

Teaching, Guidance & Practices

Music and Liturgy

Animation of Biblical Stories

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Elijah w: Angel

Here are the steps we are taking this year to develop digital Transforming Resources as part of our ministry offerings...

There is still more to do!
If this project and our next steps resonate with you, we invite you to continue your support or make your first investment in the next season of ministry.

As we work with the footage that we have captured to create new Transforming Resources, your support will allow us to build a digital library that can better serve pastors and leaders, congregations and communities, who are longing to flourish in their life and leadership. Your financial gift will:

  1. Support the ongoing expenses associated with creating a variety of dynamic resources from the Digital Capture Project
  2. Enable us to explore different ways of reaching a broader audience
  3. Help us to cultivate an extension of our community online
  4. Make plans to film additional teaching and practices that can be added the Digital Library over time

Thank you in advance for prayerfully considering how you might partner with us during this pivotal time!


Sneak Peak

A Taste of Transforming Community — Preview of the Entire Experience

Retreat 4 | Engaging the Scriptures for Spiritual Transformation

Retreat 3 | Prayer: Deepening Our Intimacy With God

Retreat 2 | A Leader's Journey into Solitude and Silence

Retreat 1 | Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership:
Invitation to Transforming Community

Behind the Scenes Photos