Scholarships and Sponsorships

We receive applications from leaders across the country and from all over the world who desire to be in Transforming Community. Unfortunately, because of varying circumstances—vocation, stage of life, socio-economic status, family commitments—many are unable to afford the cost of this two year immersion experience. It has been our joy to partner with donors in making this journey of spiritual transformation accessible to a growing number of leaders seeking to cultivate a deeper connection with God and to establish a way of life that can sustain it.

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...are smaller grants awarded by the Transforming Center to individuals seeking financial assistance.

Over the years, the Transforming Center has been able to provide limited scholarships to those longing to join a Transforming Community through organizational funds committed to this purpose and through the Robert Mulholland Scholarship Fund.

Mulholland Scholarships are provided by the generosity of our donors.
The number of scholarships we are able to provide from this fund varies but typically the award is $3100.

Many of our alumni come out of a Transforming Community eager to share the experience! By contributing to the Robert Mulholland Scholarship Fund, you help to provide financial assistance to those in future communities. The generosity of our donors through scholarship has a significant impact!

To apply for a scholarship you must first have applied and been accepted into a Transforming Community.
After you have been accepted, we will send you a financial assistance form that you can complete.

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"My first community experience was made possible by the generosity of a donor. When our family came into a more stable financial situation, we committed to helping make Transforming Community available to other leaders. Over the years we have cultivated a sort of tithe to the Transforming Center by always having someone that we are sponsoring. It is our way of investing not only in individual leaders but also investing in the church at large. The more people we have bringing their transforming selves to the world, the better!"

Three people sitting together outside, engaged in conversationSponsorship financial assistance provided by an individual, church or organization outside the Transforming Center.

As our community of alumni has grown, so has the gift of sponsorship!

Many of our alumni have leaders in their church, organization, community or family who they believe would be ready for this kind of spiritual formation experience. The referrals that come from trusted relationships often make the best candidates for Transforming Community and it is so much more impactful for alumni to lead people to the Transforming Center by sharing their own stories of transformation.

Alumni are in the best position to refer a leader for Transforming Community and sometimes they are in the position to offer even more support through financial assistance. Sponsoring someone's community experience is a truly unique opportunity to invest in not only the life of a leader but also the life of the broader church—God's people gathered on the earth now.

Sponsorship gifts can be made anonymously if that is your preference.

Full Sponsorship

$349/month for 27 months ($9,423)

Full sponsorship makes the cost $0 for the recipient.

Partial Sponsorship

$230/month for 27 months ($6200) or

$115/month for 27 months ($3100)

Partial sponsorship makes the cost $119/month or $235/month for the recipient.

"I came to TC spiritually busted. I had spent several years deconstructing my faith and found myself at the end of my own ability to make sense of who God was or what my role in ministry or a faith community could be. I knew a Transforming Community would be the safest place for me to start to put things back together but I also knew that there was no way I could financially make that happen. I had very young kids and had stepped away from ministry work. Thankfully, through the generous sponsorship of an anonymous donor, I was able to attend. Words cannot begin to describe the healing and transformation that took place within that community. I came to know God again in all his safety and goodness. I cultivated rhythms and practices that deepened my intimacy with God. The Transforming Center started me on a path toward a more authentic, healthy and spiritually holistic faith, a path from which I can lead in my family and in my church. I will forever be grateful to the Transforming Center—and my donor—for an experience that would not have been possible if I hadn’t been sponsored."