Season 17: Episode 2 | The Poetry of Sabbath

We continue to celebrate the launch of Ruth’s newest book, Embracing Rhythms of Work and Rest From Sabbath to Sabbatical and Back Again. This week, Ruth sits down with pastor and poet Drew Jackson to discuss the idea of sabbath as resistance. Ruth and Drew discuss how the practice of sabbath itself can be a critique of a culture that does not value human beings, and the ways sabbath has helped them to in turn resist that culture. And, of course, because of their shared love of poetry, both Ruth and Drew share poems that bring language to the beautiful gift that is sabbath.

Drew E. JacksonDrew E. Jackson is a poet and pastor. He is the author of God Speaks Through Wombs: Poems on God’s Unexpected Coming and the forthcoming collection Touch the Earth: Poems on The Way. His work has appeared in Oneing, Made for Pax, The Journal from the Centre for Public Christianity, Fathom Magazine, and other publications.


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Mentioned in this episode:
God Speaks Through Wombs: Poems on God’s Unexpected Coming by Drew Jackson

Touch the Earth: Poems on The Way by Drew Jackson

A Timbered Choir: The Sabbath Poems 1979-1997 by Wendell Berry

This Day: Collected and New Sabbath Poems by Wendell Berry

A Small Porch: Sabbath Poems 2014 and 2015 by Wendell Berry

Purchase Ruth’s new book! Embracing Rhythms of Work and Rest comes out on October 11, 2022. You can preorder now, wherever you buy books (Amazon | Barnes and Noble | If you buy it directly from our publisher, Intervarsity Press, you can get it before October 11th! If you pre-order the book be sure to sign up to attend our Release Day Virtual Celebration!

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Music Credit:
Kingdom Come by Aaron Niequist
Grace and Peace from Transforming Center Resource Music in Solitude

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