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Invitation to Solitude and Silence now has released in the United Kingdom and is now part of the growing list of Transforming Resources published around the world. This translation comes with a new forward (below) written by Rev. Canon Mike Pilavachi.

Connecting with God amid the demands and noise of daily life

Rev. Canon Mike Pilavachi MBE
Soul Survivor Watford

One consequence of living in an instant culture – which values fast delivery, easy accessibility and pithy slogans – can be an unconscious settling for superficiality. Richard Foster rightly notes, ‘Superficiality is the curse of our age.’

There may be advantages to the instant culture if we are ordering a burger, buying on Amazon Prime or are happy to get our news and intellectual stimulation from Twitter. There is, however, no such thing as satisfying ‘instant spirituality’. Nor is there an instant spirituality that is deep, rich and life giving. In the time we live in, not only the Church but the world is crying out for leaders who know their God and also know themselves at a profound level. This happens when we marinade in God’s presence. This takes time. This takes stillness. This takes solitude and silence.

The book you are holding is a prophetic, inspiring and intensely practical guide to the secret of putting ourselves in the place where God can transform us by the power of both his Word and his Spirit. We are invited on a journey into living in God’s manifest presence so that we are changed. Ruth Haley Barton writes as a student of scripture so the teaching here is wonderfully and refreshingly rooted in the Word of God. Indeed the insights into the life, ministry and struggles of Elijah at times have left me wanting to shout with the joy that comes from a new discovery of precious truth. She is also a practitioner and so the teaching in “Invitation to Solitude and Silence” is earthed and applied. You are left thinking “I can do this”! Finally, Ruth is also a student of human nature. Her insights into the barriers we put up that prevent us going on the journey into solitude and silence in the Lord’s presence are intuitive and profound. Many times I have been left thinking, “She has just described me perfectly!” Such knowledge of the human condition can only emanate from a life that has itself faced real challenges and struggles and yet has persevered in journeying deeper into the heart of God.

This is a wonderful book full of challenge and grace, inspiration and kindness. It encapsulates a pursuit of the spiritual disciplines without a trace of legalism. I have found it to be so helpful in my own life. I commend it to you. Read it slowly. Enjoy and savour every page. It isn’t like fast-food but rather a rich, well prepared meal!

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