Sponsorship – Receiving the Gift of Transforming Community

Words from those who have been sponsored in Transforming Community

If you received financial assistance making it possible for you to join a Transforming Community, please share what the gift of sponsorship or scholarship meant to you and the impact that this community experience has had on your life and in your ministry.

Use the comment section below to write as much or as little as you’d like. If you prefer to remain anonymous just write anonymous for name.

Transforming Center

We desire to see churches and Christian organizations become communities of authentic spiritual transformation – and that begins with transforming leaders. We seek to strengthen the souls of pastors and leaders, equipping them to guide their churches and organizations to become spiritually transforming communities that discern and do the will of God in their settings. Read more about the Transforming Center.
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I don’t quite know where to begin with regard to what being sponsored for my Transforming Community meant to me. I’m not sure if my faith would have survived if I hadn’t gone through the Transforming Community experience and I am certain that I wouldn’t have been able to participate in TC14 without being sponsored. To know that someone would care enough about my soul and its experience with God to financially invest in me in this way is breathtaking and humbling all at once. There were many profound moments for me during the course of my TC experience and at each turn I was grateful again and again that someone would care enough to make it possible for me to receive the gifts God had to offer me on retreat. There was a sweetness in knowing I was being held and encouraged by someone who had walked this path before and knew the redemption and beauty in it, even if I didn’t know who this person was. I intend to pay it forward as soon as I can and sponsor someone myself, as I know so well the profound impact this gift can have.

I’m eternally grateful to have been sponsored in order to be able to participate in Transforming Community #15. For me, and probably many people, a financial commitment like this can often times feel overwhelming and shut down an opportunity to say YES – but by having the generosity of my sponsors, that obstacle was removed and I’m so glad that it was! I needed this community during a very important season in my life. To get to learn and ask questions in a safe, loving group of people was a game changer for me. This experience has impacted every area of my life – my relationship with God, myself and others. And looking back now, I’m glad there wasn’t a financial obstacle.

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