Season 9: Episode 1 | The Struggle to Get our Lives Together

“The human soul is like a fine wine that needs to ferment in various barrels as it ages and mellows…Growing up and maturing is precisely a process of fermentation.  It does not happen easily, without effort and without breakdown.  But it happens almost despite us, because such is the effect of a conspiracy between God and nature to mellow the soul.
– Fr. Ron Rolheiser, Sacred Fire

We are launching season 9 and keeping things fresh. This season is titled Ruth and Friends: “Conversations on Spiritual Transformation and… In each episode Ruth invites leaders with diverse callings and expertise to dialogue and explore how spiritual transformation intersects with some of the most significant topics of this time.

We begin the season by offering a three-part conversation with author Fr. Ronald Rolheiser discussing the three stages of discipleship. This conversation is drawn from his profound and thought-provoking book, Sacred Fire: A Vision for a Deeper Human and Christian Maturity. In episode 1 Ruth and Ron discuss the temptations and invitations of those who are getting their lives together. We pray these three episodes will serve you well as you begin your Lenten journey.


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Mentioned in this podcast:
The Holy Longing: The Search for a Christian Spirituality Ronald Rolheiser
Sacred Fire: A Vision for a Deeper Human and Christian Maturity Ronald Rolheiser

Exploring Further:
Transforming Community
Ruth Haley Barton

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New Way to Live written by Joel Hanson. I am New written by Joel Hanson and Jason Gray.

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The Holy Longing was such a gift to me at a pivotal time in my relationship with Christ. I have often referred single and married people alike to his chapter on sex. So very, very beautiful and helpful. Thank you, Ron, for your gifts to the body and for work, Ruth, in helping to “translate” so many of our ancient truths and practices to today’s Christians. Grateful for this offering.

Holy Longing has been a gift to us, as well!

Loved listening to Fr. Rolheiser reiterate the journey. Great dialogue – look forward to the next two installments!!

Thanks, Tom! As you can imagine, recording these was pure joy for me. His insights about the spiritual life have been so significant for me and for us in the TC.

How might I get Ruth’s book on Lent ???

We are making our downloadable Lent: A Season of Returning available when one makes a donation of any size during Lent. Details are here:
The link for your personal use is included in your donation receipt that you will receive immediately.

Our online store is sadly closed as we re-engineer some components of our ministry. Our most familiar resources may be purchased through other online retailers like Amazon or directly from our publishers. Other Transforming Center resources (like our Lent materials) will be available exclusively at our events and to our Transforming Community members.

We are not sure when we will be back online but there is place on the home page of our online store to add yourself to a list to be notified when we are clear on next steps with Transforming Resources. We still have much passion about providing tools to guide leaders and their communities in experiencing spiritual transformation.

Hi! Can you provide a reference or transcript of the prayer at the end of episode 2? Thank you!

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