Bonus Episode | A Conversation with Ruth Haley Barton and Aaron Niequist

Before we kick off a new season next Wednesday, Ruth Haley Barton sat down with Aaron Niequist and discussed a variety of topics from their shared background to their journey to a practiced-based faith. In a time where there is much to be discouraged about about in the Church, this conversation will give you hope.

Mentioned in the Podcast:

The Eternal Current: How a Practice-Based Faith Can Save Us from Drowning, Aaron Niequist

Invitation to Retreat: The Gift and Necessity of Time Away with God, Ruth Haley Barton

Everything Belongs, Richard Rohr

Transforming Community

Music Credit: The intro and outro by Aaron Niequist.

Transforming Center

We desire to see churches and Christian organizations become communities of authentic spiritual transformation – and that begins with transforming leaders. We seek to strengthen the souls of pastors and leaders, equipping them to guide their churches and organizations to become spiritually transforming communities that discern and do the will of God in their settings. Read more about the Transforming Center.
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Loved this episode! Thank you!
I’d love to find the Dallas Willard quote Ruth mentioned towards the end of the podcast — that he said that if Christians are stuck, are not in the process of transformation, they are witnessing to what is contrary to the Gospel. I realise Ruth didn’t quote verbatim, but I’m wondering if she knows what books of Dallas Willard’s it is in? I’ve had a quick search through a few of his books, but it’s hard to find without more information.
Thank you for the work you all do.
Sure wish the Transforming Center had a base in Australia!
Grace and peace.
~ Roslyn Manson

Listening to the podcasts are life giving in a year of ministry and health loss. Hearing about Ruth and Aaron’s spiritual roots, was refreshing as it is my experience also. The podcasts are the only leadership voice that resonates with my heart at every level. The state of the church as it was spoken in this episode, my husband and I are the only ones we know that feel the seismic movement of church life as we know it, yet we don’t know who to talk with, or how to move in the direction of change. Can you please refer us to help on this topic?

Love this conversation. How to find the true church vs. a 501c3? That’s what been hard lately. Also there are some great resources for parents to disciple their children through ministries such as Visionary Parenting and D6 conference.

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