New Podcast Season | Season 3: From Decision-Making to Discernment in Community

It is 2018 and we are excited to be back with Ruth Haley Barton and Transforming Center friend and Transforming Community (TC6) alum, Steve Wiens. In this episode Ruth and Steve dive right into the topic of pursuing God’s will together, and Ruth begins by defining the heart of spiritual leadership. Is discerning together just for the big things? Why is Jesus always healing blind people? What happens when leaders stop paying attention? What are the four types of blindness we easily fall into? These are just a few of the questions Ruth and Steve discuss.  The episode ends with some awesome questions that will rock your leadership.

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Listen to the Season 3 teaser episode for a discount code and make plans to join us in March for our Pursuing God’s Will Together Retreat.

Mentioned in this this podcast:

Pursuing God’s Will Together: A Discernment Practice for Leadership Groups (Intro and Chapter 1)

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This is so timely. We are using “Pursuing God’s Will Together” as a guide for our pastoral search team. Is there any way to get transcripts of the podcasts? We have an integrated deaf and hearing congregation so we want to make the podcasts accessible to our deaf teammates also.

I am sorry we don’t have a transcript service available at this time.

Excellent resource for ministry leaders… thank you.

Thanks. I would love it if you would rate and review on iTunes or wherever you subscribe. It helps us reach more leaders.

I appreciate your definition of discernment. I enjoy the e newsletter and am looking forward to more podcasts.

Thanks. We only send an email about the podcast when launching a new season. If you don’t want to miss an episode, subscribe in iTunes or on Podbean or visit our blog. We publish new episodes on Wednesdays. Enjoy the journey.

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