A Prayer on Election Day

O God, we acknowledge you today as Lord,
Not only of individuals, but of nations and governments.

We thank you for the privilege of voting that is ours–
an opportunity to influence the direction our country will take
by choosing those who will lead us.

Lord, we thank you for your law of love and justice and grace
Which our founding fathers acknowledged
and recognized as higher than any human law.
May we seek to be true to your law above all else.

We thank you for the opportunity this election puts before us,
To exercise our solemn duty to vote thoughtfully and prayerfully.
We pray that we, your people, may be awakened to spiritual reality on this day.
Awaken in us the knowledge that we are not called to flee this world
But rather we are called to be a community of faith renewing the world.

Awaken in us an awareness that the same hands we lift to you in prayer
Are the hands that fill out our voting ballot;
That the same eyes that read your word
Are the eyes that read the names of the candidates,
And that we do not cease to be Christ-followers
When we enter the voting booth.

Awaken in us a renewed commitment to justice and equity,
that we may use our vote for the good of all God’s children
and the betterment of the whole human community—of which we are one small part.

Awaken in us a renewed commitment to care for each other,
to steward the earth
and to share the many gifts you have bestowed upon us.

May the way we vote today and the attitudes we carry with us into the voting booth
show us to be citizens of your kingdom—
People of hope in the midst of despair,
Joy in the midst of sorrow,
Faith in the midst of fear,
Truth in the midst of confusion,
Generosity in the face of need. 

Indeed, we rejoice today
That we are citizens of your kingdom.
We pray that our spiritual citizenship will make us all the more committed
To being faithful citizens of this earth.
And may we put our trust in you always.

We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord and for the sake of his love.


Adapted, Author unknown


Add your own prayer in the comments below.


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Thank you for this heartfelt prayer.

Joining you in prayer from Malaysia

Praying for you & America ?? here in Dubai

it means the world to me and to us that some of you from other countries care about us and are praying for us today. Thank you so much!

Joining you in prayer from Victoria, Australia

Praying with you for the USA for God to protect, bless , guide and that His sovereign will be done


Adrian Geering, South Australia

Standing with you all today from Western Australia. Praying ?‍♀️ Calmness and ongoing hope and unity.

I believe in God
the Creator Almighty.
The maker of heaven on earth,
for ever and ever………..
no need to write any more because it’s all in the hands of a higher love and for that reason, lets all be grateful and celebrate today.

Thank you for this prayer! I have prayed it and have shared it with my network!

Lord, I pray in the name of Jesus for there to not be civil unrest following this election. I pray that our country would turn towards you and seek your face, as we become aware that nothing but you can satisfy our wandering hearts. Amen!

Thank you Ruth, joining the community of faith with praying for our country. AMEN!

In the name of Jesus, surround voting areas and places with Your angels of protection, for peace among and around people standIng in line to vote and that You will raise up peacemakers from among the people, police or others as de-escalators today, tomorrow and in the days ahead.

I agree with this prayer and say Amen!

So good is this prayer. Thank you! And may we have the wisdom to really listen to our Lord and to others. Pausing before replying in angst. Season us, Lord, in loving speech and action.

Thank you Ruth for sharing this prayer….so true and so needed for us to have this perspective.


Randy MCready

Thank you. Praying for the ability to accept God’s will and for the strength to love one another regardless of the election results.

Yes, and to have hope regardless of the election results.

Thank you Ruth for sharing this prayer and Leslie for your addition. Joining you all in prayer. With trust in our hearts in you Lord God we hope and pray, Amen.


May this be so, Father God. Protect this nation and its people today. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Amen

Amen. Your will be done and earth as it is in heaven. Lord have mercy Christ have mercy Lord have mercy

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