The Alumni Retreat: “We don’t know what to do with power.”

At a recent staff meeting of the Transforming Center, Ruth shared about an energizing conversation she had recently with Gary Haugen in preparation for our upcoming Alumni Retreat. In addition to the important topics they had already planned, together they agreed to create space for the hard conversation about the misuse of power in Christian communities. Ruth says, “As Christians, we don’t know what to do with power” and notes how the misuse of power is contributing to the crisis of leadership in the Church and the resulting crisis of confidence in the Church.

This retreat will include an intimate dialogue with attendees, Ruth, and Gary Haugen, CEO of International Justice Mission, on the nature of power and how systems collude to make the ongoing abuse of power possible. What do we as Christians understand about power and what are we to do with power? What culpability do each of us have when the abuse of power in the systems we are a part of starts coming to light? And how can we use our own power for good in healthy ways?

“No one understands the dynamic of power in systems better than Gary,” Ruth went on to say. “One reason IJM’s mission is so unique and effective is that not only do they rescue victims of human trafficking, they confront the systems that make this dark practice possible. Gary has so much that is of value to say to those of us seeking to understand systems and how we can use power for good within them.”

If you are an alumnus of a Transforming Community®, the Alumni Retreat is open only to alumni and guests. The conversations that take place there will not be available outside of the retreat experience itself.

Register for the Alumni Retreat here.

Click below to listen in as Ruth speaks to our staff about her excitement regarding this unique opportunity—and why you absolutely do not want to miss this conversation.

For more of Gary’s perspectives on power, read this article on evangelicals and racial issues.

You can read more about the Alumni Retreat here.


“You Don’t Want to Miss This Conversation”


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Samuel Ogles is the Director of Marketing and Communications for the Transforming Center.
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