A Bold New Vision and $30,000 Match Opportunity

It has been a thrilling three months since I stepped into the role of Chief Operations Officer. A bold new vision, moving our retreats to a new venue, six retreats, a cross-country move, a trip to Kenya, and contractors still at work in our new home have created a sense of excitement! All that God has done over the past fifteen years, how God’s vision for the future of the Transforming Center has resonated so deeply, how we have seen God’s hand at work moving just in front of us to bring clarity and insight has been
indescribably captivating.

We strongly believe God is calling us to return to the original vision of the Transforming Center—“calling forth transforming communities that discern and do the will of God.” We believe God is guiding us to do this with particular focus on cultivating the next generation of leaders who are desperately seeking a new experience of and a new vision for the Church.

An update on our Bridge to the Future:

  1. Continue offering the Transforming Community® experience! Our move to the Q Center has enabled us to create an improved retreat experience while welcoming more retreatants into each new Transforming Community. We have just completed TC12, TC13 is mid-way through, TC14 has just begun, and TC15 is filling up fast!
  2. Redesign and enlarge our staffing model. Obviously, this involved the addition of my position as Chief Operations Officer. However, our staff as a whole has been maxed out and we have needed to take a hard look at our staffing and structure. While contributing funds toward staffing is not always the most exciting giving opportunity to consider, this step is the most critical to building our bridge to the future.  
  3. Reimagine Transforming Community (TC15) and beyond to draw a more diverse generation of emerging leaders. We have intentionally pursued greater diversity within our board, within the Transforming Community experience, and in identifying “A Spirituality of Race” as the focus of our recent Alumni Retreat. We are allocating significant scholarship dollars towards diversifying TC15. However, more funds are needed to increase our efforts.
  4. Update and redesign website and promotional materials to better communicate who we are to a younger and more diverse audience. We are deep in the process of developing this fresh approach.

Undertaking a new, expanded vision like this requires funding above and beyond our usual operational costs. We are inviting you to help us build the bridge to the future leaders of the body of Christ.

Your gift has double the impact in June!

A generous donor who is passionate about seeing the next generation of spiritual leaders forge a stronger connection between their soul and their leadership now – not down the road – wants to inspire you to partner with us in taking critical steps in building our bridge to the future. Every gift received before July 1 up to $30,000 will be matched. The impact of your one-time gift will be automatically doubled. Better yet, your monthly gift will be doubled every month for the rest of the calendar year!

Our goal is to raise at least $60,000. Would you prayerfully consider helping us build this bridge? The future of the church—
and its leadership—depends on it!

Double your impact by giving today

Rob Kastens

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Excellent move on your part, hope it continues flourishing in the future!

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