How do we build a bridge to the next generation of spiritual leaders?

Consider these statistics from Barna Group’s 2017 State of Pastors Project:

  1. The average age of Protestant senior pastors is 54, a decade older than 25 years ago, when the average age was 44.
  2. Today just one in seven pastors leading congregations is under 40.
  3. In the 1960s the majority of pastors were under 45.    
  4. In 2017 the majority of pastors are over 60.

These statistics graphically depict the “graying” of the pulpit, and confirm an alarming leadership trend in the church.  The pressing question is—how do we reach the next generation of spiritual leaders?

As we celebrate the Transforming Center’s 15th anniversary, we are deeply aware of this disturbing ministry trend.  Since 2001 we have guided clergy, church and ministry leaders in developing sacred rhythms for ongoing transformation and long-term sustainability.  We celebrate all the Lord has done through this ministry, and look forward to all he’s yet to do.
We are sensing a call from God to speak directly into the problem of “aging out” among the ranks of our spiritual leaders.

Constructing a bridge to the future

Just recently, we began to take concrete steps designed to help us construct a strong bridge to future spiritual leaders:

  1. We launched our first season of the Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership podcast, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive, especially from the younger demographic of leaders who regularly tune into podcasts.
  2. We have discerned that our 15th Transforming Community (TC15), scheduled to launch in July 2018, will be designed with younger leaders in mind, in hopes that one-half of the community will be made up of “next generation” leaders.
  3. We are in the process of recreating our online ministry in order to become even more accessible, including redesigning our website, evolving our visual identity, and improving our online presence.
  4. Knowing that many younger leaders will require financial assistance to participate in TC15, we are setting ambitious, long-term fundraising goals so that we can scholarship leaders who will need our help.

As you can imagine, to undertake initiatives like these requires funding above and beyond our usual operational costs.  We anticipate eventually launching a capital campaign to help us raise these funds.  But right now, we are inviting you to help us build the bridge to the future leaders of our churches and ministry organizations.

Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar right now

We have a group of donors who are passionate about seeing the next generation of spiritual leaders forge a deep connection between their soul and their leadership right now – not down the road.  These donors want to inspire you to partner with us in building this critical bridge to the future. Every gift received before June 1 up to $30,000 will be matched. The impact of your one-time gift will be automatically doubled.  Better yet, your monthly gift will be doubled every month for the rest of the calendar year!

Our goal is to raise at least $60,000.  Would you prayerfully consider helping us build this bridge?

And reach tomorrow’s leaders today!

Your gift of any size makes a difference

Join us in praying that many will begin partnering with us through this match gift, and that faithful supporters will take this opportunity to double their giving impact. Please respond before June 1 so the impact of your gift will be doubled and we can take concrete steps this summer.

David Hughes

is the Transforming Center Ambassador. David holds an MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary, a PhD from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and comes to us after thirty-six years of ordained pastoral ministry – twenty-two of which were spent at First Baptist Church of Winston-Salem.
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The stats. Are much worse in Japan. I am attempting to do the same here. I would appreciate your advise.

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