Pursuing God’s Will Together Summit Photos

“What an awesome experience. It was more than I could have imagined, it was life transforming.”

“Excellent theological and Biblical foundation laid through the teaching.”

We’re thankful for the many pastors, leaders, and teams who participated in the 4th Pursuing God’s Will Together Summit held in Lombard, IL at Northern Seminary. Below are some highlights. You can visit us on Facebook to see more.

Some testimonies from the conference about what was most valuable:

“Actually getting to practice concretely with the people we are seeking to build a discernment community with.”

“Opportunity for questions to clarify issues and needs.”

The realization that discernment requires, “I have to look in the rearview mirror to see what was missed!” and that, “good processes can’t be rushed!”

“Connecting with other leaders in spite of the fact that we were from different congregations.”

“That an individual must themselves be transformed spiritually before moving successfully into corporate discernment.”

Look for the announcement of the next Pursuing God’s Will Together Summit. Would you like to host a Pursuing God’s Will Together Leadership Summit in your area? Contact us at events@thetransformingcenter.org to learn more.


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