Ministry update and match gift opportunity

Out of 20 pastors who enter ministry, how many will stay in ministry until they retire? As a former pastor I would have guessed possibly 15, but probably 10. I was not prepared for the real answer—1!

This sad reality is not so surprising if you listen to the news. Almost monthly we hear about a Christian leader who leaves the church because of a scandal. But the problem is deeper than moral failings. Many pastors find themselves so drained they simply step away from ministry, often with nowhere to go.

“These days there is real tension between what the human soul needs in order to be truly well and what life in leadership encourages and even requires.”

Ruth Haley Barton
Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership

The culture of church leadership today can sabotage one’s soul and there are very few safe places leaders can go to cultivate their own relationship with God. The cornerstone of the Transforming Center ministry is helping Christian leaders learn to lead from their transforming selves.

The Transforming Center continues to expand

We’re running four two-year communities concurrently, ministering to over 8,000 through eReflections, and our Transforming Resources® are equipping pastors to lead their congregations into becoming communities for spiritual transformation.

This pace of growth has stretched our support staff and infrastructure – issues we are attending to even now. More importantly, this growth has dramatically increased the need to respond to the growing number of clergy and Christian leaders who request our scholarship rate. This rate is only possible because of generous donors like you who understand that giving pastors this experience is vital to the health of the church.

Special match gift when you give before May 31

As we head into the slower summer months, I’m happy to announce your giving will now go even farther. A generous donor has offered to match dollar for dollar any one-time gift above $75 up to $20,000. Want to make a bigger impact? Become a Leaders’ Advocate with your monthly gift of any size and your gift will be matched for the balance of 2014.

Your gifts make a difference

As discouraging as the statistics can be, stories like Vincent Rife’s, Lead Pastor at Grace Christian Church, fill me with excitement. Vincent’s story demonstrates that pastors can do more than merely survive the ministry; they can thrive with strengthened souls, and in turn wisely lead their congregations to become vibrant communities of faith that discern and do the will of God. With God’s help, transforming leaders can transform churches that can transform the world!

Double your donation impact, give before May 31, 2014.

David Hughes

is the Transforming Center Ambassador. David holds an MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary, a PhD from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and comes to us after thirty-six years of ordained pastoral ministry – twenty-two of which were spent at First Baptist Church of Winston-Salem.

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