First Review of Pursuing God’s Will Together

Thrilled to share with you the first review from our good friends at Hearts and Minds (Dallastown PA), a great indie bookstore with a great ministry. If you are ever out in PA, it is worth a visit. Byron writes an extensive review and I am just providing an excerpt below.

From Hearts and Minds Blog…

I am a big believer in this new book, Pursuing God’s Will Together,  glad for Ruth’s integrity, down-to-earth writing, good humor and abiding commitment to a solid Biblical framework.  We do not need deep mystical innovations, odd-ball psychological stuff or navel-gazing being passed off as the latest gimmick or formula. Gnostism and other esoteric heresies creep into well-intentioned talk of inner truths.  Barton is grounded in the ancient catholic traditions, writes in a refreshingly ecumenical tone, but is solidly evangelical, and has fabulous Bible study in most sections.  She is a good teacher, and her experience with her own Transforming Center ministry and as consultant to many congregations and with many, many pastors and ministry leaders, has positioned her to be a voice we should heed.

I am encouraged by this this wonderful resource and hope my explanations–which don’t capture the faith and passion and excitement and common sense of all this—somehow help folks realize how useful this book can be.  I hope you consider ordering it, maybe even sharing it with leaders in your own congregation or fellowship group.  We commend it to you with great joy and with great expectation.  This, friends, can rock your church or organization.  We can, in discerning God’s ways, be more fruitful and faithful.  And that can change the world.

View the whole review by visiting their blog.

The book has its own site. Learn more about the book at


Jeffery James

leads the marketing and communication efforts of the Transforming Center. He has over 20 years experience creating brand communications for a wide variety of clients.
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