Sacred Rhythms DVD Curriculum reviews

Below are some early reviews of the new Sacred Rhythms DVD Curriculum. Don’t miss the special offer Zondervan is offering until May 5th.

From Byron Borger on the Hearts and Minds bookstore blog

Sacred Rhythms: Spiritual Practices that Nourish Your Soul and Transform Your Life DVD  Ruth Haley Barton (Zondervan) $31.99 book and DVD study pack.

I’ve often said that Ruth Haley Barton’s books, esp Invitation to Solitude and Silence and Sacred Rhythms, are amongst my all time favorite books in their huge field of so many great titles.  Ruth is a friend, a great speaker, a lively and honest teacher, and one whose journey into contemplative spirituality has deepened and matured and widened over the years.  She is a guide I trust, a speaker we enjoy, and an author that we always recommend, any chance we can.  Those of you who have meet us where we have sold books at events, conferences, retreats or workshops know this is true.  We are fans.

We are confident that this will have a significant impact on those who watch it.  Gather some friends together, share it with a Bible study group, watch it with your family.  Go it alone if you must, but this is really inspiring, very helpful, and a great, rare resource for exploring how to know God better, allowing the Spirit to shape your lives, all because we create space and time for God to do in us what only God can.  Nice!

At last, the energy, charm, pleasantness and vibrant teaching of Ruth is available on DVD.  The books are very good, but seeing her live is a real treat and we simply cannot say enough about this new curriculum.

It is based quite obviously on the book by this title, and includes six sessions.  The study guide is designed for the DVD and is a wonderful way to experience and incorporate these spiritual teachings into your life.  The study book is ideal for anyone to use, but I suppose it is mostly designed for small groups, classes, retreatants, or prayer circles.  I love this stuff, and couldn’t be more pleased to recommend a DVD set.  It will expand Ruth’s ministry, will invite many into this conversation, and will appeal to those longing to arrange their lives in ways that actually facilitates God’s transforming work.

Ruth describes her project by saying this “links the disciplines of the Christian faith to the most compelling desires of the human soul.”

From site:

Sacred Rhythms the book was excellent and now the accompanying DVD and participant guide is an amazing teaching tool. The DVD has beautiful settings, Ruth Haley Barton is engaging, and finally someone who knows how to write and produce training. I used this for weekend training at church but is set up where it could be used for a small group setting or individually. Facilitating this training is made easy and your groups will love you for bringing it to them. You won’t be disappointed.” -Carla G

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