New Sacred Rhythms DVD Curriculum coming soon

Our first DVD curriculum, Sacred Rhythms: Practices that Nourish Your Soul and Transform Your Life (Zondervan), will be available in late March. Based on the book, Sacred Rhythms (available from interVarsity Press), Ruth Haley Barton offers teaching and spiritual direction that will help you introduce spiritual formation to your congregation by actually guiding them in practicing the spiritual disciplines.  The Participant’s Guide offers additional content, outlines for note-taking, guidance for practicing and reflecting on each discipline in-between sessions, and questions for group discussion.  This Transforming Resource™ is ideal for small groups, Sunday School classes, seminars, retreat groups, and spiritual friends.

If you would like to be the first to know when this is available to purchase, email us and we will send you an alert when they are in stock. Zondervan will be offering special discounts to eReflections subscribers. Learn more and sign up for eReflections to receive spiritual insight via email.

The Transforming Resource™ store will be the only place to purchase the book Sacred Rhythms, the Sacred Rhythms DVD curriculum and the Participant’s Guide in a packaged set. We have been wondering what kind of bundles would be helpful to offer.

Here are some we have thought of:

• 5 Participant’s Guides, 5 Sacred Rhythms book and 1 Sacred Rhythms DVD
• 1 Participant’s Guides, 1 Sacred Rhythms book and 1 Sacred Rhythms DVD
• 12 Participant’s Guides, 4 Sacred Rhythms book and 4 Sacred Rhythms DVD

What bundles would be helpful to you? Leave a comment and let us know!

Jeffery James

leads the marketing and communication efforts of the Transforming Center. He has over 20 years experience creating brand communications for a wide variety of clients.
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I would be interested in a package that had 1 Sacred Rhythms book, 1 DVD curriculum and 8 Participants guides (or 6 or 10 or whatever…something in that range) with the option of buying other participants guides individually.

This suggestion works for me as well.

one participant guide with one dvd–already have the book and want to preview/use before I use wider in our church.

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