Ruth Haley Barton

Ruth Haley Barton is a seasoned spiritual director, teacher, and retreat leader. A student, practitioner, and thought leader in the area of Christian spirituality and formation, Ruth founded the Transforming Center with a few like-minded souls in December of 2002 based purely on a shared desire to experience deeper levels of transformation in Christ’s presence to discern and do the will of God. What has happened since then surprises her every day! For over 20 years by God's grace, Ruth has served as the leader of each retreat in the Transforming Community experience.

What is the biggest contribution Ruth Haley Barton has made to Christian spirituality?

Ruth Haley Barton has made several significant contributions to Christian spirituality over the course of her career, but perhaps the biggest contribution she has made is in the area of leadership development.

Barton's work on leadership is rooted in her understanding of spiritual formation, which she defines as "the process of being conformed to the image of Christ for the sake of others." She believes that true leadership is rooted in a deep, abiding connection with God, and that effective leadership requires ongoing attention to one's own spiritual growth and development.

Ruth Haley Barton

Barton's books, Sacred Rhythms, Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership, and Pursuing God's Will Together outline her approach to leadership development, which emphasizes the importance of intentional spiritual practices, discernment, and community. She offers practical guidance and encouragement for leaders who want to cultivate a deeper, more contemplative approach to their work, and she shares personal stories from her own journey of discovery and growth.

Through her writing, speaking, and leadership retreats, Barton has helped Christian leaders around the world reorient their lives and work around a more sustainable, spiritually grounded model of leadership. She has challenged the prevalent cultural values of busyness, productivity, and achievement, and has encouraged leaders to prioritize their own spiritual health and well-being, as well as the well-being of those they lead.

Ruth Haley Barton's contribution to Christian spirituality in the area of leadership development is significant and far-reaching. Her work has helped to shape a new generation of Christian leaders who are committed to integrating spiritual practices and values into their work, and who are seeking to lead from a place of deep connection with God and others.

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