Season 18

When Sabbath is Not Enough: Embracing the Gift of Sabbatical

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Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership Podcast

This season we continue to celebrate the launch of Ruth's newest book, Embracing Rhythms of Work and Rest From Sabbath to Sabbatical and Back Again, with a focus on sabbatical. Ruth will continue her discussions on the themes of her book as they relate to sabbatical with a variety of guests. We hope this will be practical and helpful for anyone who is looking to plan a sabbatical or help their pastors and leaders create space for one!

Season 18: Episode 1 | When Sabbath Isn’t Enough: Embracing the Gift of Sabbatical

January 10, 2023

Happy New Year! We are ringing in the new year by talking about sabbatical! Friend of the Transforming Center Rick McCall is back with us, and he and Ruth are sharing their experiences with sabbaticals, what ways Ruth sees it as an extension of sabbath, and why it’s so important for the church to build…

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Season 18: Episode 2 | More Than a Vacation: Planning for a Meaningful Sabbatical

January 17, 2023

We have two extra special guests this week! First, Ruth sits down with Christine Lee, Priest-in-Charge of St. Peter’s Chelsea in New York City. She and Ruth discuss how Christine discerned what was most important for her sabbatical and how she responded when her plan for sabbatical coincided with a challenging time for her congregation.…

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Season 18: Episode 3 | Boundaries: Protecting What is Precious

January 24, 2023

Inevitably, every sabbatical will meet a challenge, a place where the outside world creeps in and threatens to call you back to the work you’ve committed to set aside. When that happens, what is a leader to do? Ruth sits down with Dr. David C. Alves to discuss how to discern the necessary boundaries each…

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Season 18: Episode 4 | Are You Willing to Quit Your Job: Sabbatical for the Rest of Us

January 31, 2023

Are sabbaticals just for pastors? This week, Ruth sits down with guest Andy Crouch to talk about sabbatical from an everyman perspective. Andy has taken full responsibility for his own rhythm of regular sabbaticals by saving up and risking the need to find a new job at the end of his time away. Ruth and…

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Season 18: Episode 5 | What about the Congregation? How Everyone Benefits from a Pastor’s Sabbatical

February 7, 2023

We are wrapping up our sabbatical season by turning our attention to the congregation; how does a congregation benefit from a pastor’s sabbatical. Ruth sits down with her brother, Pastor Jonathan Haley, to discuss the thoughtful and intentional ways he included his congregation in his sabbatical planning, how he stayed connected with them and how…

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