The Transforming Center is pleased to offer a listing of spiritual directors* who have completed one or more of our two-year Transforming Community® experiences and have also completed a recognized training program in spiritual direction. Each listing indicates if the spiritual director offers in-person and/or remote (online or by phone) spiritual direction. Scheduling and fees for spiritual direction are determined entirely between the director and the directee.

Spiritual directors included in this directory will:

  • Have completed a Transforming Community (TC);
  • Have completed a recognized spiritual direction training program;
  • Have at least two years of experience providing spiritual direction;
  • Be faithful to spiritual direction and peer supervision in his/her own practice; and
  • Abide by the ethical guidelines put forth by Spiritual Directors International.  Click here to view.

*This listing is not an indication of the Transforming Center’s endorsement or recommendation of individual spiritual directors. What we are able to indicate is that each person listed has been on a significant spiritual journey with us and has completed training and formation in this important ministry of spiritual direction. The Transforming Center is not a certifying body but rather a spiritual community that affirms the ministry of spiritual direction in the lives of leaders and seeks to help leaders explore options with spiritual directors in their areas.

Spiritual Directors by State


Sue Drake

Sue Drake (Tucson, AZ)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Center Quest School of Spiritual Direction

Although grateful for my upbringing in a traditional church setting, it wasn't until I was underwater emotionally and spiritually that I realized I didn't have the deep roots of faith I needed to manage through life's challenges. The Transforming Center set me on a path of spiritual transformation, healing and growth that has helped me become a healthier Enneagram #2. Since the TC, I have also been trained as a spiritual director. With those formal learning experiences as well as life experiences as a mother, grandmother, professional adult learning professional, 25-year business owner, one who has served the Church and other paraministries for all of my adult life as a lay volunteer, I have personally experienced and leaned on God through life's greatest decisions and difficulties. I'm so thankful for His love and guidance throughout my life so that I can now help and serve those God leads to me.

Areas of interest or specialty: I have a heart for mothers, grandmothers, women in the workplace, those caring for ill parents, lay people who serve regularly in their churches and with other paraministries, people in career and/or physical location transitions, those with physical challenges or disabilities.


Dawn Dishman

Dawn Dishman (Erie, CO)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Listening People to Life - Sioux Falls Seminary

Working alongside my husband in a large parachurch ministry for 35 years, I understand the complexities of being married to a ministry leader while juggling my own ministry and other responsibilities. After experiencing a “dark night of the soul” season, I was drawn to TC14. Much like home improvement shows, I felt like the Lord did a total “flip” of my heart as I learned new ways to open my soul to the work of the Spirit. During TC, I felt an invitation from the Lord to pursue training in spiritual direction and theological training from Sioux Falls Seminary where I received my certificate of Spiritual Direction and Masters of Bible & Theology with an emphasis in Intercultural Studies. I understand a spiritual director to be a fellow companion, one whose role is not to direct, but walk alongside through prayer, listening, questions, and spiritual practices.

Areas of Interest or Specialty: I have experience working with missionaries, ministry leaders, spouses of ministry leaders, college students and young professionals, leading prayer retreats, discernment in transitions

Kathy Koy

Kathy Koy (Colorado)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Selah Program through Leadership Transformations

My Transforming Community experience truly transformed my life. I was a busy and driven registered nurse and director of a non-profit organization for many years when one day, I awakened enough to realize my soul was crying out for something more. After my first retreat at TC, I turned in my 6-month resignation from the non-profit and began to attend to my soul. As I began to experience transformation, others noticed and asked what had happened. I began a spiritual direction group using Sacred Rhythms. It was life-changing for all of us, and we've been together for nine years. Since completing my spiritual direction training at Selah, I have hosted numerous day retreats in my home, provided group spiritual direction and one-to-one spiritual direction.

Areas of Interest or Specialty: Contemplative spiritual direction, the Enneagram, inner-healing prayer.

Kim Nielson

Kim Nielsen (Colorado Springs, CO)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction

My passion is to create safe environments and opportunities for people to experience God, to know who God created them to be and live into their truest self in Christ. I have completed multiple Transforming Communities since 2006 (TCs 3-8, 11 & 15) both as a participant and as a ministry team member. I earned the Masters specialization in Spiritual Transformation through the partnership between Northern Seminary and Transforming Center. In addition to my training in spiritual direction, I am a trained companion for the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises and a certified iEnneagram Motions of the Soul practitioner. I served in full-time ministry at a megachurch for 11 years--an experience that heightened my sense of the value and necessity of spiritual direction for pastors and Christian leaders. I am a certified Forest Therapy Guide, helping people to connect to the God of Creation in nature.

Areas of Interest or Specialty: Church leaders; 19th Annotation of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises; the Enneagram; life-mapping; Twelve Steps


Jeanie Duncan

Jeanie Duncan (Osprey, FL)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Cristos

I have walked with Christ since I was a young teenager. I attended DePauw University and Wheaton College and have had a professional career in Education. I’ve been involved in various church ministries and Bible teaching. I made a shift from an “evangelical church “ to an Episcopañ Church 10 years ago and have been moved and excited by a community that desires to know God and experience more. I attended several communities at the Transforming Center and worked as a Retreat Coordinator. I began spiritual direction while at the TC and have continued with the same director for 10 years. Because of my experience in education, the Transforming Center and spiritual direction, I felt an interest and a call to pursue being a director. I attended Cristos, an experience in which I grew in my faith and desire to be involved in hearing God and walking with others....

Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy (Sarasota, FL)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Institute of Spiritual Companionship

I am a retired pastor who spent the bulk of my career in Chicago, serving as an Area Director of Young Life, as the Director of Spiritual Transformation for an inner city ministry, and as a teaching pastor at a large suburban church. I am married to Anita who is also a spiritual director. Both of us had been married previously and worked through the pain that accompanies that journey. We’re the better for doing that work. My Transforming Community experience shaped me in very profound ways, reminding me that a very Good God loves me like crazy. I now live in Sarasota, FL where I’m active in a racial reconciliation ministry, teaching a bit at our church and offering spiritual direction. I love working with people who are undergoing a “faith shift” of some kind--often that’s when the ‘faith’ that they’ve held on to for so long appears a bit inadequate for the challenges they are facing today.

Areas of Interest or Specialty: Pastors; those in transition or discerning a new call; discovering new practices when the old ones are no longer working; finding God in the ups and downs of life


Untitled (2)

Ruth Haley Barton (Wheaton, IL)

Training: Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation

I have been engaged in the art and practice of spiritual direction for over 20 years. I gratefully acknowledge and incorporate the wisdom of my teachers/mentors Gerald May, Tilden Edwards, and Rosemary Dougherty, having been profoundly shaped by the ecumenical training environment they provided. "How do people change—really?" has been my question from the time I was being raised as a pastor’s kid in a conservative religious environment. This question emerged partly from my awareness of my own need to change and partly because of my observation that spiritual transformation is one of the most over-promised and under-delivered aspects of Christianity in its current expression. Encountering the richness of the broader Christian tradition in the midst of my own desire and disillusionment led me on a journey of reclaiming practices that spiritual seekers down through the ages have used to open themselves to God’s transforming work. It is my joy to guide others into spiritual practices that open us to the mystery of God’s transforming presence in the most intimate places of our lives.

I only consider directees who are able to meet in person and who have completed/are in the process of completing a Transforming Community experience because that gives us a strong foundation from which to work.  I am currently limiting my practice of one-to-one direction in order to be available to serve as a guide to leadership groups (ministry boards, elders, vestry, pastoral staff) seeking to learn and practice discernment at the leadership level.

Areas of specialty or interest: Transforming leadership; group spiritual direction/corporate leadership discernment; Ignatian spirituality; integration of psychology and spirituality; sabbatical guidance

Lana Gentile

Lana Gentile (Vernon Hills, IL)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Tending the Holy – Christos Center for Spiritual Formation

I draw inspiration from the imagery of a caterpillar which, over time, emerges from a chrysalis a beautiful butterfly. I seek to create a chrysalis-like environment in which individuals can discover their intrinsic value in God and emerge as the transformed persons they are created to be. I love living in the light of Psalm 139, which promises that we are wonderfully made. I offers calm insight into challenging situations, enabling spiritual discernment to unfolding those who meet with remark that the peaceful presence safely supports the growth of their relationship with God. My experience includes 35 years in the corporate world and leading small groups and coaching small group leaders in the church. I also served as a reflection paper reader and a spiritual director for several Transforming Communities. I am an alum of TC4. I am married to Arnie and have two adult children and two grandchildren.

Areas of Interest or Specialty: Enneagram work; life-mapping; honoring the body - health & wellness

Melanie Hammond Clark

Melanie Hammond Clark (Libertyville, IL)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Christos Center for Spiritual Formation: "Tending the Holy" program

I served for over 30 years in pastoral ministry in the PC(USA), my last 14 years as a co-pastor with a focus on centering our life in being emotionally and spiritually healthy as a people, grounded in a discernment style of leadership. My favorite thing as a pastor was to spend time with people who were hungry, questioning, and wondering what God was up to in their lives. I began receiving spiritual direction in 1998 and knew this could be the next right thing for me after leaving the parish. And it is! Nothing brings me more joy than helping others experience God as available and accessible in fresh and unexpected ways, whether in the midst of change or growth or unwelcome darkness. It is a process as life-giving as breath...the breath of God at work in, among, and through us.

Areas of specialty or interest: No specialty. At present, I like to have a free consultation for the first meeting to discern together if this is a fit, and, if not, to help a person discern who/what might be.

Vicki Howard

Vicki Howard (Wheaton, IL)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Tending the Holy – Christos Center for Spiritual Formation

I grew up in a farm community where church was the hub of my spiritual and community life. The church was conservative Christian in its teaching, with lots of "do's and don'ts," so I learned early to try to be very good so that God would be pleased with me. Though I stayed connected to church as I grew older, I so longed to experience more of God. God in His goodness, through a series of people and life experiences, led me to discover contemplative spirituality and practices that were part of the early church, which I did not know existed. As I experienced solitude, silence, lectio divina, centering prayer, and so much more, I came face-to-face with a God who loves me unconditionally just as I am—a God of grace, mercy, and compassion. I now journey in God's love as God shows the way! Vicki is an alum of TC5.

Areas of Interest or Specialty: I do not specialize. I find the greatest joy in journeying with those who are serious about going deeper with God.


Jerry Lee (Woodstock, IL)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: CenterQuest

A crisis of faith in my early forties, where I questioned God’s basic goodness and love for me personally, launched a journey I continue to this day. I emerged from that initial darkness with the clarity that I was seen and loved by God, and with a certitude there was nothing I could do to make God love me more or make God love me less. That paradigm shift led me to The Transforming Center. I entered TC3 as a retreatant and have remained as a co-laborer and community member where my focus is intercession, spiritual hospitality, and small group facilitation.

My desire to respond to God’s unfolding within my everyday experiences has prompted lifelong learning, leading to a Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation, studies of the Enneagram with Jerome Wagner, and a cohort study of Spirituality for the Wisdom Years with Father Ron Rolheiser. While my studies have trained me as a spiritual director, life has prepared me to accompany others in the deep places. I live in northern Illinois with my kind husband of forty-four years.

Areas of Interest or Specialty:  I am most alive when present to another as they engage God in questions and experiences that do not have easy answers. I am comfortable with life’s craziness, the tension of conflicting interests, shifting paradigms, aging and diminishment while always listening for God’s unique invitations to greater faith, hope and love. I am open to all genders and all traditions of faith.

Sachi Nakamura

Sachi Nakamura (Homewood, IL)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Tending the Holy – Christos Center for Spiritual Formation

I have been involved with a Japanese ministry called JCFN (Japanese Christian Fellowship Network) for over 30 years. I am a Christian book translator and writer by profession. I've translated books by Dallas Willard, Scot McKnight, NT Wright, Robert Mulholland, John Ortberg, Henry Cloud, and many more. My educational background is BA in psychology, and Ph. D. in cognitive psychology. Graduate of TC15. Over the last 20 years I've gone through a major faith transition. Thus I have a particular passion for accompanying those who are going through their faith transition, although all is welcome. Mother to four (one in heaven), wife to a geophysicist.

Areas of Interest or Specialty:  Transition of faith, Grief, Contemplative practices, Integration of science and Christian faith, Boundaries, Dark night. I mostly meet with Japanese directees.

Sam Ogles

Samuel Ogles (Glen Ellyn, IL)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Sacred Journey Spiritual Companioning

I say my faith was likely saved through spiritual direction. Now, as a spiritual director, I get to help others connect their stories to God’s story and provide a safe space for deeper insights and growth in their individual spiritual journeys. My goal is for spiritual directees to feel heard and accepted. In addition to being a certified spiritual director, I hold a certificate in contemplative spirituality from the The Living School for Action and Contemplation and care deeply about spiritual transformation. I have received direct in-person training in the Enneagram of Personality from Fr. Richard Rohr, Russ Hudson, and Christopher Heurtz, among others, as well as certification in the iEnneagram, an International Enneagram Association accredited training program by Clare and Scott Loughrige. I co-host the "Ask a Spiritual Director" podcast and write the "Enneathing You Need" newsletter. I was a member of TC16. My spiritual direction style is marked by my ecumenical, inquisitive, and nonjudgemental nature. With a wide range of experiences and training, I especially love walking with people in places and seasons where they feel alone, uncertain, stuck, or misunderstood.

Areas of Interest or Specialty: Contemplative practices; spiritual growth, the Enneagram, levels of consciousness; ecumenism; meditation; connecting with God; sexuality; doubt; and changing religious beliefs/identity.

Tim Reist

Tim Reist (Peoria, IL)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Sustainable Faith

I have been a pastor for over 30 years and bi-vocational for the past 10. I have always had a heart to companion people in their journey with God. To see people be transformed into the image of Christ for the sake of others has got to be the most thrilling thing on the planet. I was part of TC 6 and it changed the trajectory of my ministry direction. To companion people, listen to them, and create space for God to fill has been a joy. I am a trained spiritual director and also a trainer of spiritual directors through Sustainable Faith. I lead contemplative journeys for people. I have been trained in the Enneagram by Jerry Wagner and completed Claire Loughridge iEnneagram certification. Been married to my wife Christy for 28 years, have 2 wonderful daughters. Love good conversation, good coffee, nature, and a good round of golf.

Areas of Interest or Specialty: Enneagram integration. Companioning Pastors and church staff. Helping people in their transformative journey. Contemplative Retreats. Ignatian Discernment practices. Young Adults.

David Sandel

David Sandel (Urbana, IL)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Chiara Center Spiritual Direction Training Program

I have been a counselor and campus minister in Urbana, Illinois, since 1989 and a spiritual director since 2013, seeking God with students, professors, pastors, believers, and non-believers. Growing up Lutheran on a central Illinois dairy farm, I left for college and a decade of other adventures, then returned to my roots. I and my mother both graduated with degrees in counseling on Mother's Day, 1980. My wife, Margaret, and I attended courses with Equipping Ministries International in Cincinnati, Ohio, which continue to shape my work. After two years in the Unification Church and 20 years in the Vineyard, I am ordained in the Church of Christ. I am an alum of Transforming Community #6. I write devotions, play guitar, raise chickens, and love to work with men and women who want to seek God in all things.

Areas of Interest or Specialty: The Ignatian Exercises; the Enneagram; Myers-Briggs assessments and spirituality; exploring imagination and creativity as ways of approaching God; listening and dialoguing with God; rest-Sabbath-prayer; communication and appreciation between generations; "giving your life away," aging, and "giving your death away" (Ronald Rolheiser's words); and experimenting with life, with ways of seeking and avoiding God

Charles Webber

Charles Webber (Oak Brook, IL)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Chiara Center Spiritual Direction Training Program and Loyola University Seminars in Ignatian Formation 1

I spent my entire career as a professional physiologist on the faculty of Loyola University Chicago Medical Center (1975-2013). I taught and mentored medical students, graduate students, and advanced high school students. I also conducted scientific research on living systems using improvised mathematical tools in nonlinear dynamics. Concurrently I taught Bible classes in local churches, which I still do so to this day, fulfilling my distinct divine calling to teach science and Scripture. In 2006, I was enveloped by "the dark night of the senses" for a full six months. Confused, I was led to the Transforming Center experience (TC4) which was life-transforming to my very "dark" soul. Since first learning about spiritual direction, I have been under spiritual direction since 2010. After retiring from academia, my Christian journey led me to be trained as a spiritual director in the Franciscan tradition (2013-2015) and Jesuit tradition (2020-2022).

Areas of Interest or Specialty: Integration of science and Christian faith


Randy Gooder

Randy Gooder (Indianapolis, IN)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Fall Creek Abbey

I have been a missionary, business owner and pastor through the years. I’ve been at the Indy Vineyard Church for the last 18 years - Senior Pastor since 2007. My M.Div. is from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and D.Min from Northern Seminary in partnership with the Transforming Community (TC6) in Spiritual Transformation. I love the local church and have a passion for unity in the Body of Christ and to help pastors and leaders walk in humility and grace. My wife, Jane, and I also take small groups on transformational journeys in the mountains of Northern Italy through our LLC, StandLookAskWalk. In my spare time, I LOVE to read, to walk, play Squash and be with my grown children.

Areas of Interest or Specialty: Open to all, but particular interest in pastors / men

Greg Kraft

Greg Krafft (Auburn, IN)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction

I came to Christ later in life at 30 years old and have been involved in the local church for over 27 years. I am currently the lead minister of Cedar Creek Church, a mid-size church in the Fort Wayne, Indiana, area. About 10 years ago, I started to feel something was missing; my soul was tired and bored. I was drawn to the Transforming Center, and through the Transforming Community (TC6, TC13) experience my soul was able to come back to life and drink deeply of the things of God. Doing the inner work that was prompted during the Transforming Community experience I was introduced to spiritual direction. For me, and I would say for many, spiritual direction has been the "missing link" to my transforming journey. When I do not receive direction on a regular basis, I can tell. My wife, Shelly, and I have three children and three grandchildren.

Areas of Interest or Specialty: Walking with ministers and pastors, especially those who have a ministry as a second career; working with those in recovery

Sibyl Towner

Sibyl Towner (Oldenburg, IN)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction

I have had over 50 years of experience with extended household and pastoral leadership in a Presbyterian Church and at Willow Creek and had 30 years of leadership in Christian Camping. I have participated in TC2–TC6 and TC8–TC14 and have served as spiritual director for Transforming Communities for 14 years. I have also co-authored Listen To My Life. I teach Sustainable Faith's School of Spiritual Direction, am co-director of the Springs Retreat Center, and have a passion to help leaders identify the voice of God within them and to encourage a responsiveness to that voice. I am also knowledgeable in the Enneagram.

Areas of Interest or Specialty: Men and women; those in ministry leadership; young leaders; people of color and ethnicity; people who serve on the margins


Michael Fox

Michael Fox (Northeast Louisiana)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Cristos

My childhood dream was to play Major League Baseball. Only two things prevented me from pursuing a career in the sport at the highest level: talent and opportunity. So I trained for ministry, but used my considerable graphic design and writing skills to create and deliver training for individuals, churches, and industry throughout the country and beyond. I am an accomplished executive coach and spiritual director. I am passionate about leading people to greater relationship with God and neighbor. I believe the fundamental desire of God and man alike is to know and to be known. I believe the key to spiritual formation is defining your heart’s desire and being transformed by the Spirit heart, soul, mind, and strength— or, from the inside out. My favorite authors include H. Nouwen, C.S. Lewis, R. Barton, R. Mulholland, D. Brenner, D. Willard, N.T. Wright, and C. Thompson.

Areas of Interest or Specialty: Many years ago, as part of my offerings as an executive coach, I developed a unique, strong process to clarify Values, Vision, Voice. I've found the same curriculum to be very useful as a subtle structure underneath my spiritual direction. In addition, I work with clients to develop their relationship with God and neighbor, using a proprietary curriculum based on the two greatest commands. I’m also doing more and more work using the Enneagram (certified by the Loughriges). Also helpful is my training in MBTI. I love to work with directees around presence, in contrast to guilt/regret and fear/anxiety. Above all, directees feel heard and loved. I love to cultivate a sense of wonder around God.


Clare Loughrige

Clare Loughrige (Marshall, MI)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Tending the Holy – Christos Center for Spiritual Formation

I am the founding co-lead pastor of Crossroads Church (Marshall, MI) since 1991. Author of three Enneagram books, I am a trainer with The International Enneagram Association and have developed a credentialed program that trains/certifies Enneagram instructors in the Christian Tradition. I am cited as a recommended Enneagram instructor with First Analysis Institute of Integrative Studies. In addition to my work with spiritual communities, I serve on boards in the arena of social justice, including board chair for Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force, a collaboration of over 130 agencies ranging from governmental to faith-based. I found myself at TC1 after a devastating diagnosis and discovered “strengthening the soul of my leadership” as healing grace. Now, 17 years later, in the Transforming Center community, I continue to practice my faith, believing action and contemplation are inextricably bound. I am gratefully married 38 years, an undaunted mom of four, and a grandma of five! I am an alum of the first Transforming Community and have also participated in TC3, TC4, and TC6 through TC14. I am passionate about helping people discover true-self patterns to establish and maintain spiritual rhythms so that they can do the work of justice with joy for the long-haul.

Areas of Interest or Specialty: The Enneagram; Ignatian spirituality; listening and discerning God's grace with clergy, helping professionals, and social justice activists


Vicki Degner

Vicki Degner (Minneapolis, MN)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Tending the Holy – Christos Center for Spiritual Formation

I have served as the spiritual development pastor at a church in Maple Grove, Minnesota, until recently. I am trained and certified through Christos Center for Spiritual Formation as a spiritual director, and have been practicing for 18 years. Sitting with others for the purpose of listening to their life in God in spiritual direction is one of the greatest joys of my life. My first experience of the Transforming Community was TC6. I have been serving the Transforming Center as the Coordinator of Spiritual Direction Ministries since that time. I also serve on the TC board and is a trained peer supervisor for spiritual directors. I am married to Gerry, have two adult children, and two grandchildren that are the light of my life.

Areas of interest or specialty: Companioning pastors and ministry leaders; the Enneagram; discernment of vocation, calling, and life transitions

Kristin Evenson

Kristin Evenson (Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction

I have a BA in Religion and Psychology and have long devoted myself to both business and ministry. My career journey has included stints as a stockbroker, advertising executive, marketing/strategy director and consultant to companies, nonprofits and ministries in the areas of strategy, culture and board governance. I also served in ministry leadership roles and have developed content and curriculum for a variety of faith-related initiatives—including curriculum around business leadership and also Christ-centered generosity, both in partnership with the National Christian Foundation – Twin Cities. I have a deep desire to help strengthen and sustain the souls of leaders in fresh, new ways and have credentials at the intersection of neuroscience, Christ-centered mindfulness and creative prayer practices, having completed:

  • The NeuroLeadership Institute’s Brain-Based Coaching Program
  • Transforming Center 2-yr “Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership” program
  • The Spiritual Direction training program through Sustainable Faith

Areas of interest or specialty: Business people desiring to integrate their faith with their work; career transitions - discernment; the intersection of neuroscience and contemplative practice

Denise Hanson

Denise Hanson (Sauk Rapids, MN)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Christos Center for Spiritual Formation — "Tending the Holy"

Four years ago, the wheels fell off of my life, which was the best thing that could ever have happened to me. It launched me on a journey of transformation, of which the Transforming Community was an integral part. It has been spiritual direction, however, that has had the most profound impact on my life.

I have been a Lutheran (ELCA) pastor for 15 years, and am in the process of transitioning to a different faith tradition. I'm married with 3 teen and older children. I love dogs, downhill skiing, hiking, and books.

My greatest joy in life is witnessing the work of God in people's lives, and creating a safe space where people can feel heard, accepted, and loved as they are. I believe that in spiritual direction, our true being begins to emerge and unfold, and we become more and more the person God created us to be.

Areas of interest or specialty: No specialty. I have a heart for women in ministry, for people trying to find a belief system/religious identity that fits them, for people coming out of shame-based and/or co-dependent family systems, and for the LGBTQ+ community.

Linda Heaner

Linda Heaner (Minneapolis, MN)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction

I've invested my life in inviting others into deeper relationship with God, by serving on church staffs; freelance speaking, teaching, and writing; and since 2008, serving as director of Abiding Hope Ministries. I seek to provide a safe place for others to ask questions, wonder, doubt, notice, and expand their faith, as they grow in becoming who God designed them to be. It's an honor to accompany others on their spiritual journey! After experiencing burnout, TC8 gave me language for earlier personal encounters with Jesus in solitude and silence. It strengthened my recovery. I continued with TC11 for a deeper dive! I find great joy in listening to others, listening with them to God, and introducing spiritual practices that increase their awareness of God's activity in their lives.

Areas of interest or specialty: Women and men; women in ministry leadership; life transitions; those experiencing burnout; caregivers; inner healing prayer; can use Listen to My Life Maps in spiritual direction


Hartley Wright

Hartley Wright (Columbia, MO)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction

I attended my first Transforming Community® retreat as an invited guest. I have since experienced 56 additional retreats, where I have reconnected with my soul and found greater intimacy with God. My desire to know and experience more of God led me to transition from 25 years in pastoral ministry to embrace the richness of a broader Christian tradition and accept the calling of spiritual direction. I love to listen to others in the Spirit and help them pay attention to the activity of God in their lives. I currently serve as trustee for a non-profit charity, small-business owner, and professional playwright. I draw from my joyful, painful, traumatic and uplifting life experiences when writing for the stage and lean into what God is writing when listening to others’ life stories. I have two adult children with my wife, Kelly, who is also a TC alumna and spiritual director.

Areas of interest or specialty: Grief and loss; people who serve the disabled; people in the arts; survivors of spiritual abusive leadership

Kelly Wright

Kelly Wright (Columbia, MO)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Sustainable Faith

Kelly has been a part of the Transforming Center for over 10 years (TC 5 , TC 8, and TC 15). She was a Christian counselor for 18 years and served as Associate Pastor at Woodcrest Chapel for six years. Recently, Kelly joined the Faith & Community Team at Veterans United Home Loans. She received her certification in spiritual direction from Sustainable Faith and is certified as a trainer in the Enneagram. Kelly also completed her Doctorate in Ministry from Northern Seminary in 2017. Kelly has been married to Hartley for over twenty-five years and they have two incredible kids, Madison and Micah. The Wright’s live in Columbia, Missouri.

Areas of interest or specialty: As a licensed professional counselor for 21 years, my experience in both therapy and spiritual direction allows me to incorporate emotional health practices in Spiritual direction sessions. I am able to suggest therapy if needed. Also, I enjoy incorporating the Enneagram into sessions as God leads.


Patricia Stetson-Warning

Patricia Stetson-Warning (Crawford, NE)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Seeking the Spirit Within: The Nebraska Synod Institute of Spiritual Direction Formation

I currently serve as Solo Pastor at First Presbyterian in Gordon, NE, and previously served as Associate Pastor at United Presbyterian in Peoria, IL. Having been a Registered Nurse prior to my career as pastor, one of my greatest gifts are Pastoral Care and Education. I am also a Board Certified Clinical Chaplain with the Center for Spiritual Care and Pastoral Formation where I did most of my training with hospice care and grief. I was first introduced to spiritual formation at a Regional Renovare' Conference and immersed myself in everything I could regarding spiritual formation...readings, workshops, and retreats. I also led Christian 12-step recovery ministry for 5 years. I am a graduate of University of Dubuque Theological Seminary and find delight serving on discernment committees for seminarians. My participation in Transforming Community #13 was a life and leadership altering season, and I remain passionate for the work of spiritual transformation in the parish and beyond.

Areas of interest or specialty: The Enneagram, and working with pastors regarding discernment, forgiveness work, 12-step recovery, the journey toward wholeness, and contemplative practices.

North Carolina

David Hughes

David Hughes (Winston-Salem, NC)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Hesychia School of Direction and the Apprentice Training Program of the Phoenix School of Spiritual Direction

I have served as a pastor for 37+ years, concluding my pastoral ministry at First Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, NC. In 2013 I became the Executive Director of the Transforming Center. Currently, I serve as the part-time Ambassador of the TC. I am married to Joani, and have three adult children, and two grandchildren. I have also received training to be a coach. My passion is to accompany church leaders and congregations in their journey to be spiritually formed and transformed in this most challenging era of the Christian church.

Areas of interest or specialty: Pastors. Church leaders. Non-profit leaders.

Joani Hughes

Joani Hughes (Winston-Salem, NC)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Sustainable Faith program, Oldenburg, IN.

I taught elementary school for twenty-four years. Following my first TC Community experience, I sensed a call to the ministry of listening. This led me to Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction. That time of training solidified in me a desire to actively pursue the role of director. I have facilitated Listen to my Life groups, have led retreats and serve as a Deacon in my local church. I continue to read and study Spiritual Formation and seek to remain faithful in my own formation and practices. My own spiritual direction is a necessary and on-going part of my walk with God and I am grateful to be a part of this type of ministry.

Areas of interest or specialty: I have found myself working primarily with women who are questioning long held spiritual beliefs which are no longer clear or relevant to them. Seeking God in difficult life situations including family changes, periods of dryness and loneliness and loss seems to be a frequent focus of direction. I am willing to meet with men or women.


Connie Jeske

Connie Jeske (Tulsa, OK)

Remote and/or In-Person

Training: Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction

Connie is an ordained United Methodist Minister. She has been on staff at First United Methodist Church for 26 years. She presently serves as Executive Pastor and works with local outreach. Connie has many years of experience as a nurse, counselor, pastor and as a Spiritual Director for the past 5 years. She has also participated in the 18th and 19th annotations of Ignatian Spiritual exercises. Connie’s life has been transformed through TC10 and Spiritual Direction. Connie is humbled by the opportunity to companion people as they notice God’s presence in their lives. It is a sacred time to listen to another person’s story and see the movement of the Holy Spirit in their life.

Areas of interest or specialty: Ministry leaders, pastors and laity.


Daniele Evans

Daniele Evans (Lancaster, PA)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction

I feel drawn to practicing spiritual direction with those in places of transition or struggle. My own experiences with trauma and loss support my desire to be a safe space for others. I am trained through Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction, am a certified Enneagram coach, and completed training in strategies for trauma awareness and resiliency. My pastoral work for over 15 years includes writing and teaching Bible studies, speaking, and mentoring others in their faith journey. I support those desiring to explore and deepen their spiritual experience and open their story to transformation. I am an alum of TC13.

Areas of interest or specialty: The Enneagram; companioning ministry leaders and pastors; trauma-sensitive soul care; journaling/writing as a spiritual practice

B.J. Woodworth

B.J. Woodworth (Pittsburgh, PA)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Hesychia School of Spiritual Direction

After almost 30 years in campus ministry and church planting, I'm slowing down to invest in the interior lives of Christian leaders. I am a spiritual director, coach and retreat leader and also serve part time at East Liberty Presbyterian Church, as Director of Spiritual Life Ministries and Taize Minister.  I seek to create and hold sacred space for others; helping them to awaken to God's presence, nurture their inner wisdom for the sake of their fruitful life and work in the world. I have a particular interest in accompanying people in professional/church ministry and the non-profit sector; helping them withdraw from the crowds and establish sacred patterns of rest, renewal, and reflection. I am married to Katrina and have 4 children in their late teens and early 20s. I am a church planting coach, have completed the Ignatian Exercises, teach at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in the Spiritual Formation Certificate Program, and currently serve on the Transforming Center board and as community pastor in TC15. I am an alum of TC5.

Areas of Interest or Specialty: Working with leaders in professional and pastoral ministry, especially church planters; university students and young adults; discerning vocation and calling; developing spiritual practices and rhythms

South Carolina

Cynthia Fore

Cynthia Fore (Travelers Rest, SC)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Tending the Holy – Christos Center for Spiritual Formation

I am a spiritual director, facilitator of contemplative retreats, and centering prayer workshop presenter for Contemplative Outreach. I am also trained in iEnneagram Motions of the Soul. I incorporate Ignatian spirituality in my individual direction sessions, as well as in retreat settings. While I continues my own spiritual transforming journey, I consider it an honor to accompany others toward wholeness, harmony, and balance—in relationship with God, self, and others. Perhaps diving into the transforming waters opens ways for us to swim around in the wonderings and mysteries of our Belovedness in Christ - so we wonder together! I am married to John and have three amazing children and two adorable grandsons. The little ones keep me in touch with my own childlike innocence. I am an alum of TC8.

Areas of interest or specialty: Walking with any person seeking spiritual transformation; Ignatian Spiritual Practices; the Enneagram; guided, contemplative retreats, either one-on-one or in community settings


Kelly Burnett

Kelly Burnett (Houston, TX)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction

I lead workshops and retreats of all types with the Enneagram in marriage, parenting, and relationships. I love to share about pursuing freedom and SOULWELLness. I am the co-founder and president of SOULWELL Ministries. My passion is to help people break free from strongholds and defeated living. This passion was born out of a very painful and dysfunctional childhood. I am driven to see the reality of the peace and power of Christ empowering every Christian. Personally, I have witnessed this possibility in my own life, after being set free from a legacy of lies, pain, and worry and a lack of trust. I am a certified spiritual director and Enneagram life coach. I graduated with Honors from Texas A&M in speech communications and psychology. For over 20 years, I have been leading youth and women’s Bible studies and retreats and serving in the United Methodist Church as a Stephen Minister. Married to Rick, I have two college age children. I am an alum of TC10.

Areas of interest or specialty:  The Enneagram; healing prayer

Daniel Harris (1)

Daniel Harris (Midland, TX)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: CenterQuest School of Spiritual Direction

I am a former United Methodist pastor. I currently splits my time between ministry (especially spiritual direction, writing, and teaching) and running a family ranch business in West Texas. I enjoy accompanying others––particularly those involved in a Transforming Community experience. Most of my spiritual direction conversations are done by distance via Zoom and/or by written exchanges. I am an alum of TC4 and TC13.

Areas of Interest or Specialty: Clergy/Pastors; the Enneagram; incorporating written reflections into the spiritual direction process

Billie Petersen

Billie Petersen (Midland, TX)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Hesychia School of Spiritual Direction in Tucson, AZ in the evocative method.

I began my working life in music, as a Junior High School and Church Choir Director, after which I entered the professional world as a CPA in tax accounting. My favorite "job", however, was being a stay-at-home Mom for my 2 sons. Years after my nest emptied I began to study the Enneagram. Desire to become the healthier version of myself soon lead me to join a Transforming Community, while a particularly difficult season provided the needed impetus for growth. Experiencing personal validation in spiritual direction I sensed another longing--to develop the skills to deeply listen to another's story without judgment or solutions--to simply be present with the true Director, companioning wherever He leads. I also have a great love of reading and studying, especially the Bible, though I remain a novice.

Areas of Interest or Specialty: I do not have a specialty as such but I do have a heart for women, especially those in difficult life circumstances

Jan Sampeck

Jan Sampeck (Plano, TX)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Perkins School of Theology – Southern Methodist University

I recently retired from over 20 years as a pastor on staff at Chase Oaks Church in Plano, TX to begin a new ministry venture with my husband. I am married with four children, six grandchildren and English Springer Spaniel "Tucker", which bring me great love, laughter, and joy. A milestone moment in my spiritual formation journey was Transforming Community 5 in 2010. Though a rich experience, the years following the completion of that Community raised a desire for a more intentional spiritual journey as a married couple. We both entered TC12 and engaged that community as individuals and as a couple. While I was in TC12, I also enrolled in certification for Spiritual Direction at Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. I completed my coursework and practicum in 2017. Accompanying others in their spiritual journeys is a gift of God's grace in my life.

Areas of Interest or Specialty: Creatives in ministry; visio divina; honoring the body


Diane Steward (1)

Diane Steward (Lynnwood, WA)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Anglican Church of North America (The Anglican Diocese in New England)

For thirteen years, I served as executive director of Puget Sound Christian Clinic, helping to provide free health care to low-income individuals and families. In that role I learned the necessity of silence and solitude with God to sustain me in the work at the clinic. I left the clinic in 2016 in response to God’s call to ordination (in progress) in the Anglican Church of North America. I also completed spiritual direction training in 2017 through the ACNA plus training to facilitate the Ignatian 19th Annotation retreat in 2018. One of the great joys in my life is walking alongside others in their journey to intimacy with God; a second is welcoming “strangers” (immigrants and refugees) to my community. I have been married to George for 38 years and love being the mom to four grown children and grandma to Lucy. I am an alum of TC6.

Areas of Interest or Specialty: Group spiritual direction; the Ignatian Exercises

Spiritual Directors Outside the United States

British Columbia, Canada

Gerard Booy

Gerard Booy (Delta, BC)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: CenterQuest School of Spiritual Direction

I am a former Presbyterian pastor. I grew up in South Africa and moved with my family to Canada in 2000. Having been a pastor since 1990—serving in three churches on two continents—I now offer spiritual direction for individuals and groups. I lead retreats and work with CenterQuest School of Spiritual Direction as a small group mentor. Reading Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership and subsequently joining a Transforming Community (TC10) has been a turning point in my life. My formation as a spiritual director has taken a lifetime (really!). It is the gathering of many years of lived experiences with God and with others—personal and pastoral, painful and joyful, informal and formal. And it continues… The means of grace abound—loved ones, soul friends, intentional communities of transformation, contemplative practices, books, Scripture, formal training, spiritual direction, and more.

Areas of interest or specialty: Personal spiritual transformation and wholeness (embracing who God has made us to be); companioning pastors and ministry leaders; liminal spaces and transitional experiences in life (grief etc.); retreats; group spiritual direction; vocational discernment

Saskatchewan, Canada

Dianne Mantyka

Dianne Mantyka (Saskatoon, SK)

Remote and/or In-Person
Training: Spiritual Director Formation Program at Queen's House Retreat and Renewal Center. Related: Master of Divinity with Spiritual Theology focus (Regent College), Clinical Pastoral Education (I, II), Spiritual Direction Supervisor Training (Spiritual Directors International), Prayer Counseling training (Elijah House), Certified Coaching Federation certification, Leadership Training (Emerging Leaders -IVCF).

Dianne offers sacred space for those desiring to grow in awareness and care of who they are in relationship to God, self, nature, and others. She brings a compassionate, safe, listening presence, and hope that God’s love creates new life - in the midst of ups and downs, transitions, losses, uncertainties, and dark seasons.

Dianne is co-director of the Queen’s House Spiritual Director Formation Program, and is on their teams of Programming, Spiritual Directors, Gatherings for Spiritual Directors, and Supervision for Spiritual Directors. She offers Silent Guided Retreats and the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises (

Her background is in Bio. Sc., Animal Health, missions, and campus ministry. As a wife, caregiver, with 2 grown stepchildren and 5 grandchildren, sources of joy for her include being an Oma, her canine companion, reading, creativity, and being in nature. Dianne’s ecumenical and inter-cultural experience connects her with a variety of backgrounds.

Areas of interest or specialty: Transition, discernment, leadership; spiritual formation, shadow, relational and inner healing integration, Ignatian Spiritual Exercises.