Beyond Words

Reflections on the Soul of Leadership

Written by Ruth Haley Barton, each reflection provides spiritual guidance and encouragement for those seeking to be in God for the world.

Holding Fast to Love and Justice—In celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.

By Transforming Center | January 18, 2020 |

““Spiritual activism—an attempt to bring transformative justice to the world—I understand that as a spiritual practice. All forms of activism committed by those who are interested in creating a more…

Epiphany: A Dangerous Journey

By Ruth Haley Barton | January 2, 2020 |

“The Christian of the future will either be a mystic or will not exist at all.” —Karl Rahner Lectionary readings for Second Sunday after Christmas Day (January 5, 2020): Jeremiah…

Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership

By Ruth Haley Barton | September 23, 2005 |

“For what will it profit them if they gain the whole world and forfeit their soul?” —Jesus Recently, I made…

Solitude: A Place for Your Soul to Come Out

By Ruth Haley Barton | June 23, 2005 |

“The soul is like a wild animal—tough, resilient, resourceful, savvy, self-sufficient. It knows how to survive in hard places. But…

Discerning God’s Will Together: Discovering a Process of Leadership Discernment

By Ruth Haley Barton | February 23, 2005 |

It was a conversation similar to many I have had with Christian leaders. A pastor from a large church was…

Epiphany: A New Kind of Journey

By Ruth Haley Barton | January 23, 2005 |

Today is the day when the Christian church celebrates epiphany—the “showing forth” or “the revelation” of Christ in the world.…

The Gift of Waiting

By Ruth Haley Barton | December 23, 2004 |

God comes like the sun in the morning—when it is time. We must assume an attitude of waiting, accepting the…

Gratitude for Ordinary People

By Ruth Haley Barton | November 23, 2004 |

“And they shall name him Emmanuel, which means ‘God is with us.’” Matthew 1:23 As we emerge from Thanksgiving week…

Are You Dangerously Tired? Exploring the Symptoms and Sources of Spiritual Exhaustion in Ministry

By Ruth Haley Barton | October 23, 2004 |

“Because we do not rest we lose our way. Poisoned by this hypnotic belief that good things come only through…

The Transforming Leader: Giving the Best I’ve Got

By Ruth Haley Barton | September 23, 2004 |

Spiritual transformation has become quite the buzzword in Christian circles today. The good news is that it speaks to our…

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